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  • Eliseo: Senior Living in Tacoma (Walsh Construction)

    Posted on Jan 4, 2024 in:
    • Case Studies
    As the population continues to age rapidly the need for healthy, energy efficient senior living continues to grow. Eliseo, which provides independent or assisted living for seniors, made the decision to construct two new buildings with a total of 91 units in their existing complex located in Tacoma.
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  • Green Up Your Rental: Environmentally Friendly Home Improvement Upgrades for Renters

    Posted on Dec 4, 2023 in:
    • Built Green
    One of the most common questions we hear when attending sustainability events is “what can I do as a renter?”. This blog post is intended to answer that question and serve as a resource for renters who are looking to make sustainable home improvements but aren’t sure where to start.
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  • Coons Construction—Eclectic Artist’s Kitchen and Bath Remodel

    Posted on Oct 30, 2023 in:
    • Case Studies
    The artistic homeowners of this Greenwood bath and kitchen remodel viewed their home as the latest canvas for their artistic expression. Intention and personality shine through all the color, patterns, and small details.
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